Lines (Galway)


LED Neon lights, daylight sensors, programmed Raspberry Pi with real-time tidal data from Marine Institute, steel armour, solar PV system.

A collaboration with Pekka Niittyvirta

Lines of light show the future sea level rise with storm surges in 2150 at the Spanish Arch, Ard Bia at Nimmo’s and on the Claddagh Basin in Galway, Ireland. The work interacts with tidal changes and light conditions – only visible during high tide and dark hours. Powered by hybrid solar PV system ensures more energy is produced than consumed during the installation’s lifetime, leaving a net energy-positive legacy.

Based on IPCC’s latest SSP2-4.5 “middle of the road” scenario, the sea level rise with historical local storm surges is calculated by scientists Dr. Gerard McCarthy, Dr. Zoe Roseby and MSc Katherine Dooley from Maynooth University & Trinity College Dublin.

The work is part of Linte na Farraige project – a collaboration with artists, scientists and tech specialists. The installation in Galway is the first of four light installations across Ireland to come.

Photos by Pekka Niittyvirta

Procution: Linte na Farraige
Science: Dr. Zoe Roseby, Dr. Gerard McCarthy, MSc Katherine Dooley
Technical support & devices: Alain Ryckelynck
Solar power: Native Events
Website: Algorithm
Infoboard visual design: Koponen/Hilden
Data: IPCC & Marine Institute
Funded by: Creative Ireland, CARO, SKR, Galway City